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Bowitch Assists the North Country Redevelopment Task Force on Reuse of General Motors Brownfield Site

Article published in Watertown Daily times on September 2, 0016  (website link or PDF)

North Country Redevelopment Task Force wants to change focus of marketing for former GM site

By Bob Beckstead

The local task force that’s working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response Trust to clean up and market the former General Motors site in Massena wants to change the focus of what they would like to see on the site once cleanup is complete.

RACER Trust’s mission is to clean up the properties that GM had not purchased back, including the land in Massena, and to reposition the properties for redevelopment, sale, economic growth and development in the impacted communities.


Bowitch & Coffey Represents Town of Ballston Residents In Protecting Agricultural Lands

Article published in Ballston Journal Online on July 28, 0016  (website link or PDF)

Discussion of Housing Project Stalls Over Possible Legal Issue

BALLSTON – Discussion on the proposed housing development on Route 50 stalled during Wednesday’s Planning Board meeting, due in part to possible legal issues over the Town Board’s extension of the water district to serve the site.

The proposed Katz Planned Unit Development District would consist of a three-story building with 23,000 square feet of retail space on the bottom floor, 20 apartments on the second floor and 20 apartments on the third floor. The project also calls for 121 multifamily units in 11 buildings and 57 single-family lots. The property consists of 90.85 acres of land in two zoning districts — 17 acres are zoned business-highway and the remaining 73.85 acres are zoned rural-residential.


Brownfield Gas Station Sites Returned to Tax Rolls

Article published in Watertown Daily Times on June 7, 0016  (website link or PDF)

Former gas station sites will be sold at St. Lawrence County property auction

CANTON — St. Lawrence County will be able to sell three former gas stations at its next property tax auction because the state has agreed to release liens totaling roughly $3 million that was spent cleaning up contamination at the sites.

County legislators Monday night authorized Legislature Chairman John H. Burke, R-Norfolk, to sign an agreement between the county and the state Environmental Protection and Spill Compensation Fund regarding three tax-delinquent properties the county wants to take through foreclosure proceedings.


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